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Doctor Manhandles COVID Patient at Chest Diseases Hospital

Doctor Manhandles COVID Patient at Chest Diseases Hospital
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Concerned Doctor Pressurizes Police to lodge FIR against the patient

Srinagar CNS, Nov 17: The COVID patient (Name withheld) who is also suffering from acute shortage of Oxygen saturation was manhandled by Dr. Nighat, Resident Medical Officer of Chest Diseases Hospital Drugjan.
According to the family members of the patient, the patient went to the bathroom for urination but she found all the urinals overflowing and she tried to enter the next bathroom but the concerned doctor locked the bathroom. Despite the multiple requests by the patient to open the bathroom, the doctor refused and pushed away the patient due to which she fell down. When the male attendant of the patient tried to intervene, the concerned doctor dragged him by his collar.

Despite the manhandling and the humiliation of the attendant by the self-styled Covid Warrior, Dr. Nighat threatened the concerned police station to file an FIR against the patient otherwise she threatened to go for pen down strike.

The family members of the patient blamed that the concerned doctor has put the patient’s life at risk as she can’t remain without oxygen and questioned how they can refrain the patient from using the hospital facility. The patient is without an attendant while her husband was summoned by the husband and kept within the premises of the police station.
Meanwhile the family mentioned that the CCTV footage is witness to the incident.

They requested to take strict action against such doctors who harass patients and administrators. (CNS)

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