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Cong, NCP supporting those who want to separate J&K from India: Modi

Cong, NCP supporting those who want to separate J&K from India: Modi
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday targeting Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar, for allied with the Congress party which in turn stood with “those leaders wanting separate Prime Ministers for India and Jammu and Kashmir.”

Modi addressing a massive election rally in Ahmednagar city said “While I have no expectations from the Congress, I failed to understand Sharadrao (Mr. Pawar) He had split the Congress [in 1999] to form the NCP allegedly for the sake of the country. Yet today, he has allied with the Congress and is silent and refuses to speak on those seeking two Prime Ministers, one in India and one in J & K…Mr. Pawar, how can you even sleep after allying yourself with the Congress?.

Modi said: “Did you include the word ‘Nationalist’ in your newly formed party [the formation of the NCP in 1999] merely to hoodwink the people of the country. Since when have you begun viewing this country from a foreign prism.”

Attacking the Congress’ ‘weak response’ over Kashmir, Modi said that the Congress was talking about pulling out the armed forces from Kashmir.

“I want to ask the first-time voters in this state and the country whether they are willing to accept compromises on national security. Would they prefer a weak India in the 21st century. Thousands of solider have sacrificed their lives over the Kashmir issue. How will the people allow Kashmir to be separated from us,” he said.

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