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Calling students ‘rowdies’ unacceptable, Rasheed says

Calling students ‘rowdies’ unacceptable, Rasheed says
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Appealing Education Minister to reconsider his decision to close tuition centers in the valley, Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said that the move is unjustified, harsh and unacceptable.

In a statement Er Rasheed said while education Minister has always been showing keen interest in bringing the derailed education system back to track but his decision to shut down coaching centers in Kashmir valley seems an act of revenge against the student community who are our future, who were well within their limits to protest against Kuthua incident .

“It is strange that on one had government appeals students to return to classwork but on the other hand issues orders depriving them of using coaching centers to improve their talent and skill,” Er Rasheed said.

“Education minister needs to keep in mind that Jammu and Kashmir is one state and in  all the competitive exams the merit has to be considered at state level, thus allowing coaching centers in Jammu and Ladakh to function but banning them in Kashmir will certainly have huge impact on the outcome of academic and professional examinations,” he said.

He said that the government needs to be reminded that students are not rowdies and such words don’t suit the stature of education minister.

“No doubt students must focus on education and attend class work but the failure of the governmnet at the very initial stage to deal with Kuthua rape and murder case led situation to a point where everyone is worried about the fate of the case and sincerity of the current government.”

He said “even if a single student wants to attend a coaching center or a class room he cannot be denied the right. Rather seeking co-operation from students, parents and the society to ensure the functioning of institutions government has issued a dictatorial order and if implemented will have dire consequences on the future of Kashmiri children.”

Er Rasheed further added that the order debars Kashmiri students of using equal opportunities to compete with their colleagues in Jammu and government must withdraw the order without any excuse and delay.

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