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Pak Firing: Azad slams PM for focusing International issues than of nation’s concern

Pak Firing: Azad slams PM for focusing International issues than of nation’s concern
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JAMMU: Against the backdrop of ceasefire violations and migration of the border dwellers to safer places, Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad on Thursday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for focussing on international issues than those of country’s concerns.

“He (Modi) is a big man now. Issues concerning people living along borders, who are facing hard times due to firing, are not on agenda of the Prime Minister,” Mr Azad told reporters here on Thursday at a press conference.

He was also flanked by AICC General Secretary and In-charge J&K Affairs, Ambika Soni. The Congress leader said, “Mr Modi now a day is busy focussing on international issues and he has nothing to do with a common man especially the border firing victims.”

He alleged that the PM is teaching policy matters to the United States, Britain and China but surprisingly, he has no policy for the people of India and Kashmir in particular.

“I must remind Mr Modi that he has become the Prime Minister on Kashmir plank,” said Mr Azad adding, “he (Modi) won elections on Kashmir Issue and security scenario by assuring that peace will prevail along the border”.

“Around 80 percent of the seats won by the BJP were based on Kashmir poll plank as Mr Modi during elections, who was also the chairman campaign at that time, criticised us of “Weak” party on taking decision on border tension,” he said adding, “Mr Modi should go through the statistics.

In UPA rule around 350 time ceasefire violations reported when I was the J&K Chief Minister but till date in two and half year rule of NDA, Pakistan has violated the ceasefire for more than 2500 times.” He said, “those who (Nawaz Sharief) escalated the ceasefire violations on border, were invited by Mr Modi in oath ceremony, and he himself also visited to Lahore and attended other functions in Pakistan.”

“There does not appear to be any policy of BJP Govt towards Pakistan and on Kashmir. Congress would seek discussion in the Parliament over the border situation,” said Mr Azad.

Mr Azad also advocated the demands of border residents like plots in safer zones, special recruitment, reservation for them and better schooling, health and medical facilities and provision of fodder and enhanced compensation for the human loss and livestock etc.

He expressed concern over the repeated incidents of border firing and escalated tension with Pakistan. Condemning Pakistan for resorting to cease fire violation targeting the civilian population, Mr Azad said that there was comparatively calm on the border and LOC with Pakistan during UPA regime and there were few such incidents of cross border firings but during the NDA regime it has become a routine situation and the border residents and jawans are becoming regular targets and getting martyred. “In politics, the Government in the Centre should be decisive but they are indecisive,” said the Congress stalwart. He further added that unless a concrete policy will not be framed, the issue will not settle down, adding, “for how long it will continue and our children will suffer.” The Congress leader however, criticised state BJP leadership for recruiting Special Police Officers on ‘pick and choose’ only to cement vote bank in their respective constituencies. Mr Azad also lashed out at the Ruling Peoples Democratic Party terming, “PDP was finished the day party joined hands with the BJP. Both the parties got mandate on different issues but they failed on all fronts.

Meanwhile Ms Soni called the situation on the J&K borders as ‘out of control’ and said, “from now onwards, we will be adopting agitational approach to expose the BJP and bring justice to the victims.” (AGENCIES)

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