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Mirwaiz urged Indo-Pak to give up confrontation

Mirwaiz urged Indo-Pak to give up confrontation
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Hurriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Friday urging India and Pakistan to give up confrontation resulting in bloodshed at LoC said killing on either side is equally sad and painful, adding, let better sense prevail and these senseless killings to stop.

Mirwaiz addressing the Friday congregation at the Historic Jama Masjid expressed grave concern and distress at the bloodshed taking place on the LOC.

The spokesman has quoted the Mirwaiz saying “each day civilians including children on both sides of LOC are getting killed becoming the target of the unresolved Kashmir conflict, which is very sad and painful.”

Both the armies have also become cannon fodder of this hate as a consequence of the lingering Kashmir dispute. These srmies on either side belong to the poor segment of society and join forces to make a living and support their poor families and their killing is equally sad.

It is strange that both sides boast of killing soldiers of the other side and swear that deaths will be avenged leading to more killings and destruction, including those of civilians.

This senselessness and bloodshed is given the name of nationalism and defence of national honour. Mirwaiz appealed to both the countries that let better sense prevail and these senseless killings be stopped. He said that the only beneficiaries of this death and destruction are those who provide the arms and ammunition for this mayhem.

Mirwaiz urged the two nuclear neighbours to give up confrontation and come to the table to resolve the Kashmir dispute once for all and put a permanent end to this madness and suffering that has consumed so many lives and is a the source of the suffering of Kashmiris for past 70 years.

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