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JRL to hold public Jalsa in Islamabad (Anantnagh) on 15th December 2017…

JRL to hold public Jalsa in Islamabad (Anantnagh) on 15th December 2017…
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Srinagar // (23rd November 2017)// Forcing silence of graveyard by military might and naming it as peace can only be termed as stupidity. A fascist government in power, inspired by Joseph Gobbles’ malicious propaganda techniques is trying to paint the brutal pacification of Kashmir as peace and return of normalcy. If Indian rulers presume that oppression unleashed by their army and forces has trampled resistance in Kashmir, then they should find some courage to lift ban on political activities of the resistance camp. This was stated by the joint resistance leadership while responding to recent statements of Indian ministers like Arun Jaitly and others. Terming the statement of Indian finance minister Arun Jaitly as absurd, joint leadership comprising of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umer Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik said that nullifying Kashmiri resistance by terming it as sponsored and paid has been an old ploy of Indians who always try to negate Kashmiri sacrifices and resistance by these ridiculous statements. Leaders said that any rational person would find talk of normalcy and peace in occupied territory as laughable when Kashmir is witnessing an increasing build up of occupational forces, particularly in southern districts of Kashmir valley and when surveillance state pervades every nook and corner of Kashmir, the discourse of normalcy and peace can only be promoted by the colonial elites like Jiatly and his proxies in Kashmir.  Leaders said that by claiming that Indian army and forces have succeeded in suppressing Kashmiri resistance, Arun Jaitly is actually acknowledging the fact that India is keeping its illegal occupation on Jammu Kashmir through military and police might. Leaders said that as a matter of fact, Indian army, forces and police have turned Jammu Kashmir into a hell and besides killings thousands, blinding and injuring thousands, jailing and torturing thousands, ransacking and vandalizing properties worth millions and also by putting a blanket ban on all political activities. Even ban has been imposed on mourning’s and seminars and by these suppressive measures an artificial peace of graveyard is being implemented in Kashmir about which Mr. Jaitly and others are today boasting. Leaders said that as Mr. Jaitly and his colleagues falsely presume to have defeated Kashmiri resistance by military oppression and NIA, ED terrorism, we challenge them to allow peaceful activities of resistance camp in Kashmir so that the reality of their false assumptions is established beyond doubt. Resistance leaders said that to prove the fabrication of these kind of Indian claims, Resistance leadership have decided to start afresh series of political programs and in this connection a public program (Jalsa) will be held on 15thDecember 2017, at Lal Chowk Islamabad (Anantnagh). After this Jalsa, similar kid of public programs will also be held in north and central Kashmir especially in Srinagar also.  While reiterating the call for a total Kashmir Bandh on 27thNovember 2017, Joint leaders appealed people to observe a complete shutdown against military and police oppression in southern districts of Kashmir valley and in solidarity with thousands of prisoners languishing in different jails. Leaders said that suppressing a peoples struggle by oppressive measures is not possible and Indian leadership should also realize the fact that it can never suppress or defeat Kashmiri resistance by military means.


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