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JRL condemns barring of prayers at Jamia Masjid

JRL condemns barring of prayers at Jamia Masjid
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Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik condemned in strongest words the anti people ruling regimes decision to once again covert downtown into a military fortress, barring Friday prayers at the historic Jamia Masjid for the third consecutive Friday, and closing all educational institutions across Kashmir .

JRL said  caging or jailing resistance leaders and detaining pro-freedom activists while holding lakhs of people hostage in their own homes by sheer might,reflects the military mindset of the government  as the only way to exercise control over a dissenting people and disputed territory.

In a joint statement issued here, the JRL said that come Friday and most of shehr-e-Khas is converted into a garrison , with huge deployment of police and paramilitary troopers in every nook and corner as rolls of concertina wires block all roads and alley in the area to make it inaccessible.

“People are caged in their own homes and not allowed to move out to  torment them and Friday congregational prayers disallowed at the central Jamia Majid and other adjoining mosques reflecting the complete apathy and disregard  of those giving such orders towards the religious obligations and sentiments of the Muslims of the valley”, they said.

JRL said that frequent closure of schools, colleges, and universities under the bogey of law and order but in actuality to prevent students from expressing their concerns and resentment is ridiculous  and exposes the repressive regime further.

Expressing grave  concern over the continuous house detention of Syed Ali Geelani, the JRL said that house confinement of veteran resistance leader since past many years is taking a serious toll on his health.

JRL said that similarly, placing Mirwaiz Umar Farooq under frequent house detention including on Fridays when as Mirwaiz he delivers the weekly religious sermon to the devout at Jamia masjid is highly condemnable as is  lodging Yasin Malik every now and then in central jail. This is a brazen ploy by the authorities to harass the leadership and prevent them from reaching out  to the masses and being with them.

The JRL said that detaining dozens of resistance activists and workers day in and out and lodging them in various jails illegally  just for their political beliefs is a move  to create fear among the people to stop demanding their basic right, the right to self-determination. With a complete crackdown on resistance leadership and all those associated with it by the authorities miscreants and agencies are having a field day in committing  crimes and harassing people. While killings , human rights violations, raids on people’s homes and vandalising them continues unabated as Leadership stands caged.

JRL said  these so called rulers in Kashmir have completely failed on all fronts .On one hand, Kashmir is in  the grip of lakhs and lakhs of terrorising forces and on other terror and fear has been unleashed  upon people in the wake of serial braid chopping  of women with police and authorities deliberately looking the other way and denying it.

Meanwhile JRL spokesman said that massive protests were staged across the entire Kashmir valley in every masjid, shrines Imam Baras against the rising incidents of braid chopping and against the callous approach of police and authorities to arrest the culprits behind it. (PTK)

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