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Bhagwat’s Kashmir remarks aimed to deflect Criticism on PM for his disastrous policies: Cong

Bhagwat’s Kashmir remarks aimed to deflect Criticism on PM for his disastrous policies: Cong
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 Reacting sharply to RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and Deputy Chief Minster Dr. Nirmal Singh’s remarks about the need for constitutional amendments to repeal J&K’s special status, Congress on Sunday said that RSS and BJP were stoking passions in the face of growing dissent across the country for its wrong policies. In a statement, Senior Pradesh Congress leader and former minister Tariq Hameed Karra said that BJP has now fielded RSS openly to stoke passions and create a wedge between the people of the state and the rest of the country and Bhagwat’s remarks were precursor to the renewed strategy of the saffron brigade, aiming to deflect growing criticism on Prime Minster for his wrong and anti-people policies. . He however, said that nobody would be allowed to fiddle with the special status of Jammu and Kashmir as the article 370 was the only constitutional bridge that connected the former princely state to the rest of the Country.

Karra said that it was astonishing that speaking openly for abrogation of article 370, the BJP and RSS were attempting to use Kashmir issue in order to garner support in the poll bound state of Gujrat but added that it was at the same time shame for PDP who is surrendering at every point in time shamelessly without caring for the sentiments of the people who had voted them to power. He reminded PDP of its pre-poll agenda and promises made to the people of the state in the run off to the 2014 assembly elections and said the same party would urge people to vote them for keeping the saffron brigade at bay. Now according to Karra, even the State BJP leaders who are part of PDP led government are publically demanding abrogation of Article 370 which PDP had promised to safeguard while seeking mandate. He said PDP has miserably failed to keep its promise and deceived people and breached their faith and trust which was ‘unpardonable’. The former parliamentarian who resigned from his Srinagar Lok Sabha seat in protest during 2016 agitation, said that Silence of PDP on Bhagwat’s and Nirmal Singh’s remarks was a clear indication that it (PDP) was in league with the saffron brigade and was deliberately and consciously facilitating the right wing party to do away with the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. He said PDP leadership and ministers were enjoying protocol and ministerial perks without caring how much damage their lust of sticking to the chair has brought to the interests of the public. He said it appears that PDP leadership has blindfolded itself and was unwilling to open eyes and watch the political and otherwise turmoil it has brought to the state and its people.  Karra however, cautioned that PDP was treading on extremely dangerous path which has the potential of wiping it out from the political map of the state. He said maintaining an apologetic silence on Bhagwat’s remarks was an indication of a complete surrender and sell – out that could have far reaching consequences for the Jammu and Kashmir State.

He urged PDP leadership to come clean on the issue and said People of the Jammu and Kashmir have the right to know about its (PDP’s) stand on article 370. Karra warned that by allowing Deputy Chief Minster to ask for the abrogation of special status to the state, PDP was playing with fire by collaborating with BJP on every trivial issue and said the day is not far when PDP will end up in splitting and a faction of it would rise against its leadership for selling-out the mandate for sake of power and chair.

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