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Braid chopping is an attack on Kashmir ethos: PDP leader

Braid chopping is an attack on Kashmir ethos: PDP leader
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Entire society owes it to women as a whole that it rises against any kind of coercion committed against them and Peoples Democratic Party sees the braid chopping incidents as a direct attack on Kashmiri ethos and a brazen attempt to undermine universal culture of respect for womanhood, a statement issued by the party said.

An apparently terrified victim of braid cutting in the hospital.

While referring to unfortunate episodes at a function organized in honour of new-entrants to Party , Mohmmad Srataj Madn, PDP’s senior vice-president called upon conscientious class in general and Party cadres in particular to maintain vigil against the braid chopping trend and seek an end to it through people’s cooperation.

He, according to the statement, said it is our moral responsibility that society is saved from unpleasant impositions of all kinds and discourage actions which tend to take away the assets human behaviour like dignified behavior and decency.

Madni said it is painful to note that Kashmir ethos is under stress and responsible sections will be forced to witness moral and ethical degradation as mute spectators and a helpless lot. . He said Jammu and Kashmir has badly suffered in terms of loss of lives and property in violence of decades. But greater suffering is witnessed now in loss of moral values, which if allowed to continue, will not be forgiven by posterity. “ Let us get our act together  to see that society is not fragmented and values do not get undermined,” he observed making a fervent appeal for harmony and decent behavior.

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