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Upset by bloodshed in Valley, Kashmiri cop announces resignation on camera

Upset by bloodshed in Valley, Kashmiri cop announces resignation on camera
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Upset by violence in the Valley, a constable from J&K has resigned on camera citing his conscience does not permit him to continue further in present circumstances.

The young man, who identifies himself as Rayees pours his heart out in the video, which has now gone viral on social media.

“I have resigned from (Jammu and Kashmir) police department so that my conscience does not keep on asking me questions whether I am right or wrong as a policeman to see the bloodshed here,” he says in the video.

Rayees added that he had vowed to serve the people when he joined the department seven years ago, but the situation has only worsened in the Valley.

“When I joined the department, I had vowed to serve civilians and take up the responsibilities of my family. I think I was doing jihad as it is a means to fight the unnecessary desires within oneself and also to fight for humanity, but the situation has worsened in Kashmir. An unstoppable storm has emerged here. Every day, Kashmiris are getting killed, some are losing their eyes, some are in jails, while some are under house arrest. This entire problem is because Kashmiris are seeking their rights,” he said.

Rayees further said that he neither likes Pakistan nor hates India, he only wants peace in Kashmir.

“The bloodshed here is because the plebiscite never took place. Both Indians and Pakistanis are dying here, but Kashmir suffers the most. Neither do I like Pakistan nor do I hate India, I only love my Kashmir and want peace in the Valley,” Rayees said.

Meanwhile, police have said they are checking the veracity of the video and claims made by Rayees.

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